Additional Information for Affiliates

Sending Traffic to one of Candlefox's websites

If rather than sending completed leads to us, you prefer to send traffic to the relevant page on our website to convert you can do so by appending the ‘link’ from the API to an Impact tracking link.
For Example, if you are promoting this course:

(AU example)
(UK example)

It can be added to an Impact link as below, ideally after being encoded, eg.**{insert_your_Impact_ID_Here}**/960344/12021?

Any traffic sent without Impact tracking will not be eligible for commission. Please ask if you need any assistance with implementing this.

Reporting and Getting Paid

We have partnered with Impact to supply a reporting dashboard that you can access and get real time updates on performance and earnings. Your payments will go through the platform to ensure your payments are accurate and timely.

Please sign up as a partner with Impact and join the relevant campaigns here:

Australia & New Zealand: ( / / /

UK: (

Additional Platform Notes

• If you already have an Impact account we can send you an offer to join, you do not need to sign up again.
• By applying/accepting an offer to join the program you agree to all the listed terms and conditions.
• If sending traffic to our website(s) instead of sending completed leads you must use Impact tracking links.
• Banners and email creative are available via the platform. Please ask if you need something that isn’t supplied.

Optional – reference

• If you would like to add a ‘Powered by’ logo or tag line you can use an Impact tracking link to record any sales off the back of it:[insert Impact ID]/860791/12021
• You can use the same link if you want to include a ‘search all courses’ link and aren’t able to build your own searchable portable from the feed.
• High res logo available here: Display image or link?