Quick Start Guide

Embed an iframe on your website

Our Iframe Embed widget lets you embed an iframe (an HTML document embedded into another HTML document) onto your website. This lets you display a widget anywhere on your website, enabling your site users to search for courses powered by the Candlefox network.

You can add customisations to your widget to suit your needs, or simply use the default setting. Just copy and paste the iframe code and follow the steps to setting it up.

Widget Options

This Course Finder Widget is available in two displays:

Filter Course Finder
Enables users to find courses based on their choice. Courses can be filtered by:

  • Subject
  • Study Method
  • Course Level

Filter Course Finder

Search Course Widget
Enable users to search directly from the Candlefox network course catalogue available in UK, Australia and New Zealand.


Search Course Finder

Settings and Customisations

The embeddable Course Widget allows for a number of customisations to tailor the styling to suit your site needs, including customising the colours of the display as well as the default width and height. More information on the customisations can be found here.

Course API Options

The Course Finder Widget can display courses in three regions globally:


  • Universitycourses.com.au
  • Shortcourses.com.au
  • Training.com.au
  • Tafecourses.com.au

United Kingdom

  • Coursesonline.co.uk

New Zealand

  • Training.co.nz

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