How to Use the Course Finder Widget

Getting Started Using the Candlefox Course Finder Widget

If you've been approved as a Candlefox affiliate, you can use our Course Finder Widget to retrieve course content to display on your website. Currently, the Widget supports courses in Australia, UK and New Zealand.

How to Apply

If you are not already an approved Candlefox affiliate, you may apply here:

Australia & NZ -
UK -

How to Advertise Courses

In order to begin displaying the Course Finder Widget on your site, you will need to ensure you follow the below steps.

  1. Ensure you have a valid Impact ID and are an approved Candlefox affiliate (see above)
  2. Determine the Course Finder Widget option you want to use (search or filter option)
  3. Provide any customisation requirements to the default Widget display
  4. Determine which region you would like to empower the Widget: Australia, UK or New Zealand