Sending Leads to Candlefox

Partners can either capture leads within their own lead form on their website or direct traffic to our website(s). This section is for partners who wish to build a lead form and send us completed leads.

How to Send Lead Data

Please pass us all the required information (via POST request) using the below webhook in the format: FORM, JSON, XML or Raw format

A unique webhook will be provided to you on request.
(This is just a URL for you to push the data to)

When to send Lead Data

Leads should ideally be sent in real-time.
If you are limited to batching data in timed intervals these should be a max of 10 minutes apart.
This ensures that we can follow up with them immediately to maximise conversion rates.

Reporting and Getting Paid

We have partnered with Impact to supply a reporting dashboard that you can access and get real time updates on performance and earnings. Your payments will go through the platform to ensure your payments are accurate and timely.

Please sign up as a partner with Impact and join the relevant campaigns here:

Australia: ( / /

UK: (

Additional Platform Notes

  • If you already have an Impact account we can send you an offer to join, you do not need to sign up again.
  • By applying/accepting an offer to join the program you agree to all the listed terms and conditions.
  • You can use tracking links to send traffic to our website if you prefer for them to convert there.
  • Banners and email creative available for further promotion.

What to Send


Mandatory Data

It is essential that all mandatory fields listed below are sent to us for every lead, therefore you will need to ensure you capture all of the data for every user via your lead form. You may pre-populate data for users already logged in to your website where it is known.

Any leads with mandatory fields missing won’t be commissionable.

User Supplied Details

Below are the details needed to qualify a lead and the validation required for the user details.

Detail NameValidation Requirements
First NameAny combination of letters
Last NameAny combination of letters
Phone or MobileMust be a valid phone number –
AU -> 10 digits long or +61 and 9 digits
UK -> 11 digits long or +44 and 10 digits
EmailMust be in the standard form of: [email protected] etc.
PostcodeAU -> 4 digits
UK- > a valid UK postcode
Suburb / Town(Optional) Can be usually be determined by postcode
Highest Level of Education
(Australia only)
Use a drop-down menu for the following options which must be spelt exactly as they are here:

- Secondary school graduate
- Certificate I
- Certificate II
- Certificate III
- Certificate IV
- Diploma
- Undergraduate
- Post Graduate
When Would you Like to Start?Use a drop-down menu for the following options which must be spelt exactly as they are here:

- In the next 2 months
- Within 6 Months
- Not anytime soon
Reason for EnquiryUse a drop-down menu for the following options which must be spelt exactly as they are here:

- Ready to enrol
- Researching study Options
- Need Price information
- Looking to get advice
- Other
Message(Optional) Free text

Additional Details to Pass Back

In addition to the above fields, the following information will need to be passed back.

Detail NameValidation Requirements
IP AddressSo we can verify the user is based in Australia
Course IDThis is provided within our feed
Course NameThis is provided within our feed

What’s Next