Quick Start Guide

Read this first for instructions on using the Affiliate API

Getting started as a Candlefox affiliate using the API

If you've been approved as a Candlefox affiliate, you can use our Affiliate API to retrieve course content to display on your website. Currently the API only supports courses to advertise in Australia.

How to apply

If you are not already an approved Candlefox affiliate, you may apply here:

Australia & NZ - http://app.impact.com/advertiser-advertiser-info/Candlefox-AU.brand
UK - http://app.impact.com/advertiser-advertiser-info/Candlefox-UK.brand

How to advertise courses

The API reference contains everything you need to obtain lists of courses and associated content in order to promote Candlefox courses on your website.

Once you have connected to the API and have retrieved the course information, there are two ways you can promote Candlefox courses:

Method 1. Using a form on your website

You will need to create a form on your website or app to capture course enquiries, and send these form submissions to Candlefox in real time. For form field and validation requirements, including where to send form submissions, refer to Sending Lead Data to Candlefox.

Method 2. Using links to a Candlefox website

Alternatively, you can use links to refer users to a Candlefox website. For instructions on using links to promote courses, refer to this guide

Advertising requirements

For instructions on how the courses must be advertised, refer to Minimum Course Advertising Requirements and Legal Requirements

What’s Next

Once you've read this Quick Start Guide, refer to the pages in the Detailed Guide for further information on getting setup as a Candlefox Affiliate.